Anyone Can Be an Internet Mogul

June 11th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

For over a decade, internet marketing has revolutionised the home-based business model. Gone are the days of having to hoof-it from store to store, trying to sell those cookies, scarfs or Grandma’s secret apple sauce. The entrepreneurs of today are only armed with a laptop and an idea. Not thumbing my nose at those guys who has ‘made It’ the conventional way, but let’s face it not all of us are idea guys. I mean, how many people would have thought to take a skateboard wheel bearing and encased it with plastic to make a Fidget Spinner. That simple design has given the onset to a business netting in billions.

So how does the average Joe start his own home based business, if he doesn’t have billion-dollar toy idea? Simple, Email marketing. Now, I know that email marketing has been around for some time, but it is still the best and MOST effective manner of generating a viable stable income with the least amount of effort. What? The least amount of effort? I must be full of bs for making such a statement, right. Since the start of the dotcom business model, the internet has turned out more self-made millionaires than any other medium of communication or advertising.

Now just think about it, you probably received an email form a store thanking you for signing up for credit. Or you entered your email address in the opt in box of you favourite news channel to get all the latest sport headlines straight to your inbox. Well you are part of an email marketing campaign, on the receiving part anyway. Now these companies are regularly informing you of what is the next big thing or event, right. Now, what if you are the person sending out these notifications and embedding a link in the message which sends the reader to a sales page of your choosing? The reader then buys whatever you are offering. Instant cash.

That is, it, no big unheard-of secret only spoken in select circles. The only method of capitalizing on this concept is sending out vast amounts of mails. Just imagine sending a hundred thousand mails out, ten percent visit the sales page and of that only ten percent buys the product you promoting. So, if the item you are selling goes for a meagre $1 US, you still make a whopping $1 000 US, with one email. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot cash for very little effort. And at regular weekly intervals, sending out emails you’ll be making money every single time. Little effort equals lots of money. The beauty of this business model is you do not need a substantial start-up capital, you do not even need to quit your current job. I mean, you’ll only need to tend to your internet marketing business 1 to 2 hours a day to see a steady flow of income. So when you send out an email, say at lunch time, by dinner you would have made a sizable sum of cash. And with multiple email lists and different niches you can spread this out over a couple of days, alternating between lists.